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The cold winter months are on their way! It’s time to get ready. We can help get your heating ready by cleaning the furnace, burners, blower fan and filters. We will check the performance of the furnace with our state-of-the-art electronic combustion tester. Not only will we be able to adjust the burner for the highest combustion efficiency, we will also be testing for carbon monoxide. A faulty furnace can produce deadly levels of carbon Monoxide. Our service will provide you with a written print-out of your furnaces combustion efficiency and the safe level of carbon monoxide.

This service is normally $189.95, now with this Web special it is only $149.95

Free top-of-the-line Honeywell Thermostats with every installation!

Choose a Honeywell VisionPRO® IAQ

The VisionPRO® IAQ takes our popular VisionPRO thermostats where they haven't gone before. The VisionPRO IAQ Total Home Comfort System allows you to manage temperature, humidification, dehumidification, ventilation, and change/check reminders - all from a single control - and with only three wires.

Or choose a Honeywell Wireless FocusPRO® System

Thanks to RedLINK™, the world's best-selling thermostat - Honeywell's FocusPRO - is now also wireless so it can go anywhere and solve any problem. Since there's no need to run new wires, there's no longer risk in bidding jobs. It all adds up to more jobs done more quickly, which adds up to more profits for you.

Specials offered on new installations during the months of December, January & February

Enjoy your pool...Extend your swim season

Your pool and spa is a long-term investment that you, your family and friends will enjoy year after year. Now, there’s an easier way to enjoy that investment more often, more reliably and more efficiently throughout the year...Nirvana pool heater.

Think about being able to use your pool or spa at the perfect comfort level even when Fall arrives...or when the first chill of Winter is felt in the wind...or in the Spring or Summer when evenings can turn chilly in a minute! Helping you get more enjoyment from your pool or spa is the smart idea behind the Nirvana.

Call us now for a pool heater installation to extend your swimming season!


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